Haraldo Silva Wins 888 Live Sao Paulo, Now Headed to WSOP Europe

Published on Sep 12th, 2017

Haraldo Silva won just over $64,000 and a WSOP Europe Main Event package for taking down 888 Live Sao Paulo (888 photo/Joe Giron)

888 Live traveled to Brazil this week for their latest live Festival. Another huge turnout followed in one of the most poker-crazed nations in the world. Sao Paulo played host to a field of nearly 900 entrants and the heroics of Haraldo Silva, who came out on top to claim $200,000 BRL ($64,337 US) and a $13,000 World Series of Poker Europe package.

Patricia Alencar was the first player eliminated following a multi-way confrontation. Alencar opened the pot and was called by Daniel Aziz on the button and Emanuel Fernandez in the big blind. The [js flop checked to Aziz and he bet 150,000. Alencar was the only caller and the peeled on turn. Alencar moved all in for 440,000 and Aziz called with [10h]. Alencar’s overpair was ahead but the river completed Aziz’s straight to eliminate her in ninth place.

Next up on the chopping block was Luis Lima. Mauro Tabarin opened to 165,000 in middle position and Lima shoved behind for 600,000. Tabarin called with and needed to catch against the of Lima. The flop worked for Tabarin and he held up through the turn and river to bust Lima.

Tabarin knocked out another player shortly after in Valcir Mello. Mello was all in with against the and failed to hit on the board to be eliminated in seventh place.

In the same level of 40,000/80,000 blinds, Junior Viana moved all in over the top of an open of 175 from Tabarin. Tabarin called with and was facing the of Viana. The board ran nine-high and Tabarin collected his third straight elimination.

The pace of eliminations slowed down for a few levels and the next player eliminated would be Tabarin. After losing a sizable pot to Guilherme Cazula the level before, Tabarin called all in from the big blind following a Fernandez small blind shove. Tabarin held the overs to Fernandez’s pair . The board missed Tabarin, eliminating him in fifth place.

Silva picked up a large portion of chips by busting Aziz. With the blinds at 100,000/200,000, Aziz went all in on the button for 2,500,000 with and Silva called with . The board ran clean for Silva and he picked up the chip lead as a result.

On a board of [10c][10s], Cazula bet 1,500,000 into a pot of 2,500,000 and Fernandez moved all in for 3,900,000 total. Cazula called with , leaving Fernandez needing a seven to stay alive. The river was the putting the event into heads up play.

Silva started heads up play with a deficit but doubled up to jump back into first position. Silva opened the button to 450,000 and Cazula shoved for 6,650,000. Silva called with and was flipping against the of Cazula. The flop gave Cazula a flush draw but he missed on the turn and [10s] river, sending the huge pot to Silva.

A few hands later, Silva moved all in on the button with and Cazula called with . Cazula survived the flop and turn but the river paired Silva to give him the title.

Final Table Payouts

1 Haroldo Silva $64,337
2 Guilherme Cazula $40,208
3 Emanuel Fernandez $26,376
4 Daniel Aziz $16,726
5 Mauro Tabarin $12,127
6 Junior Viana $9,650
7 Valcir Mello $7,720
8 Luis Lima $6,433
9 Patricia Alencar $5,468

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